Insurance and payment


You may self-pay or your insurance  company may be billed for payment. Payment is due at the time of  service, whether it be co-pay or self-pay.

Cash or check payable to "Inner Wisdom  Counseling, L.L.C." is accepted. Visa or Mastercard is also now  accepted. Please see "Professional Agreement" for further detail  regarding fees or contact Dr. Linda Najjar if you plan to self-pay to  determine fees. 

Now accepting the following insurance:
(currently accepting all plans except Centennial Care, Salud, Medicaid, or Medicare)

Presbyterian Health Care
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
New Mexico Health Connections

True Health New Mexico

Please call your insurance company to verify that I am listed on their  panel and they will cover mental health services with me as your  provider. 

Please bring a copy of your insurance card, if you plan to bill insurance.

If you plan to bill insurance, you will be  assigned a mental health diagnosis that fits the symptoms for which you  are seeking treatment, and it becomes part of your permanent health care  record. For complete privacy, some clients choose not to use insurance.  If you have any concerns about this, please feel free to discuss them  during your initial phone consultation.