Counseling/ Psychotherapy

 Individual Counseling/ Psychotherapy can help by providing you with a safe space where you can collaborate with a trained psychologist to discuss any personal difficulties you might be having and various ways of approaching or reducing those difficulties. I feel that everyone has a journey through life that has ups and downs. Every now and then we might need a little extra help to get us through a difficult time. It can often help to get a trained professional’s perspective.

Sessions will begin on the hour at the time of your scheduled appointment, unless it is your first appointment and you need to come early to fill out paperwork. Sessions will last 45 - 50 minutes. Please arrive on time so that we may begin and end on time. If you need to cancel your appointment or change your appointment time, please call as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours ahead of time to avoid a "no show" fee. If you are scheduled for a first visit, we will meet for an initial session.

Our goals for the initial session will be to:

  • Understand your reasons for coming in to counseling and any difficulties you might be facing.
  • Gather some background and history information so that your presenting concerns can be understood within a context and I can get an overall idea of your life and situation.
  • By the end of the session, we will develop goals for psychotherapy.
  • And most importantly, get to know one another and ensure that we are a good fit and your goals can be met.


preparation for initial visit

You will need to fill out Initial Session Paperwork.

  • You may print out online paperwork that you have completed and come 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. To do so, please click on tab labeled "Paperwork." 


  • You may come 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork in the waiting room.

Inside the waiting room you will find a front desk with a yellow clipboard of paperwork instructing you to complete the paperwork. If it's your first visit and you have not filled it out at home, please do so in the waiting room. There is no receptionist so have a seat and I will be out to get at the time of your appointment.

Individual Psychotherapy after initial session:

After we determine the goals that are most appropriate for you, we will work on attaining those goals. I will ask that you come prepared to each session with what you would like to discuss during that session, keeping in mind our overall goals for counseling. Of course, we can modify treatment goals as need be. 

I also ask that you collaborate in treatment by being an active participant, trying out new ideas for coping or ways of thinking, and providing ongoing feedback about how the therapeutic relationship is going. It is important to me that you are getting what you need out of coming to counseling. I encourage feedback from you, and I suggest that we periodically touch in about our progress and goals.


All couples are welcome. Please download two copies of the Initial Session Paperwork for each person to complete.